Our goal is clear story-telling with distinction

Proposal Development

We create proposal covers and templates for use by government contractors to support their responses to federal RFPs. Our process requires us to tailor these tools specifically to the solicitation requirements and to the company’s direction on style. We design our templates with the evaluator’s perspective in mind at all times–our goal is to make the document as easy and delightful to read as possible.

We also work with hundreds of restaurant and retail brands to tell their stories in proposals as part of competitive solicitation projects. We structure the proposal section to clearly match the RFP requirements, then gather or create the imagery needed to highlight the differentiators of the brand. We write custom narrative responses and create graphics to ensure compliance with the RFP.

Digital Messaging

Restaurant and adult beverage brands use our images to tell their brand stories through digital messaging and social media, like Instagram. We work with each client to create images that represent their specific brand identity. 

People Photography

Human faces speak a universal language we all understand. Our fun, relaxed approach to photography allows people to feel comfortable and engaged in their environment. We have experience with a wide range of styles, including head shots, customer service shots, action shots, and candid photos. Our photos have been critical components in winning multi-million dollar contracts for restaurant and retail space in airports and highlighted on websites, social media, and in printed advertisements. 

Location Photography

With a keen eye for detail, we look for imaginative ways to highlight the unique attributes and design elements of restaurant and retail locations that set our clients apart from others.  We have photograph restaurants and retail stores across the country, located in airports and on the street, representing global, regional, and local brands. Our photos have been used in proposals, on websites, and social media to celebrate new openings and showcase store design to attract customers. 

Product Photography

High impact professional images are more important than ever in helping brands tell their story and connect with their customers. We apply our creative expertise and unique techniques to style and create stunning food and product photos to entice customers through visual messaging. We are experienced working with chefs, and restaurant and retail shop owners to capture high-quality images that can be used in print or digital applications, websites, and social media. Many of our clients have been small businesses across the country who needed assistance building their library of professional images. We worked closely with them to create visuals that were used to win bids for airport locations, and build their digital presence online, yielding great success.